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Painting the Sky Green

I’ve already written a couple of posts about the new year and new beginnings so I’m wary about stretching the analogy too far but there is one important area of new year’s resolutions left to touch on… those that are less about you or your business and more about helping the world; finding ways for your business to be more charitable, community focused or – more often where IT is concerned – greener.

Apparently, by 2020 15 per cent of total global emissions will come from the ICT sector.  Even during 2011, the amount of energy consumed by US data centres doubled compared to the previous year, and, overall, worldwide demand for ICT services is expected to quadruple by 2020.

That’s great news if you are an IT consultant, but all those services will require some pretty hefty energy consumption in the background to keep them rolling and so it’s vital that, together, we find ways to make IT as environmentally friendly as possible.

To me, cutting out waste is exactly what cloud computing is about.  Cloud services such as Hosted Exchange eliminate business waste by allowing you to scale up and down with ease and cloud platforms also reduce cost wastage associated with paying for services you don’t need.  Moving to pay as you need IT is, after all, all about maximising efficiency, and those efficiencies extend to the planet as well.

Every single business is different, consuming different power and using energy in different ways so it’s impossible to say how much energy any one company could save by jumping to the cloud but the experts agree that cloud computing is one key way that business can help preserve the world we all live in.

Large companies who have moved their applications to the cloud frequently reports a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions of up to 30% and the great news is that, for smaller businesses, the rewards can be even greater.  Some forecasts suggest that for SMEs the reductions could even approach 90%!

Now, moving your e-mail to the cloud via Hosted Exchange 2010 – which is a typical way to start making the move to the cloud – won’t instantly halve your energy bill, but it will make a difference right from the start.

From the moment you move your business to the MessageStream platform you’ll be cutting out waste and that means less waste for your business and less waste for the planet.  Too often, being ‘green’ or protecting the environment can seem like the harder option… yes, we all know what we need to do, but saving the planet is hard work.  Moving to the cloud is one way which really is easy and which offers a genuine win:win scenario.  Improve your operational efficiency, cut your costs and do your bit for planet Earth – in one simple, cloud based step.

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