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Can Hosted E-mail Really Stop You Becoming Depressed?

OK, I admit it, that title might be a little bit enthusiastic but it’s not without a kernel of truth since the topic for today’s post is the trend for longer and longer working hours… and the harm it’s wreaking on health and happiness.

Last week, The Independent ran a story claiming that “three hours’ extra work a day doubles the risk of depression”. Read on and you learn that people who put in over 11 hours of work a day are twice as likely to fall victim to major depression, as well as a whole host of other health and lifestyle issues.

What’s all this got to do with cloud computing you ask?

Well, actually the link is clear.

The fact that working hours are increasing is no surprise. We are in the middle of the worst economic crisis in living history, potentially ever. Established businesses have to try harder and harder to survive and grow whilst the barriers to new entrants get lower and lower – which only serves to hot up the competition for business even more.

Under such circumstances, it’s really no surprise that employees – particularly those at the top – find themselves working longer and longer into the evenings and weekends. Yes, we’d all prefer to be doing something else but sometimes needs must and then it becomes more about making the best of a bad situation – and that’s where a hosted e-mail service can help.

Providing secure and reliable access to business e-mail from home means that employees can put in the extra hours without having to entirely neglect their personal lives. What’s more, using Hosted Exchange to enable remote working is likely to make your team happier and more productive.

In a survey carried out by Mashable last year, the flexibility to work outside of the office or at home came 3rd on a list of factors that drive overall job satisfaction. What’s more, of the managers that responded, 56% of them thought that remote workers were more productive.

So, I’m not suggesting that cloud computing will let the nation throw away their anti-depressants and start smiling but perhaps cloud services like Hosted Exchange 2010 do have a little part to play in our country’s health and happiness and if remote working can improve morale and productivity, surely everyone’s a winner.

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