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We’ve Got the Cloud…What’s Next?

2012 was predicted to be the year of the cloud. As we move into autumn we can probably say the predictions were right. When IBM sent out a survey to Chief  Information Officers more than 67% of small companies said they’d adopted the technology. Not only that but over half of the officers they spoke [...]

Small but Beautiful Formed – Why SMEs Prosper with Hosted Exchange

Small businesses represent a growth market in the UK business landscape. Almost a fifth of all firms in the country are SMEs. They work so well because they are built on drive, passion and determination. In a difficult financial climate a SME is streamlined and flexible enough to weather the storm. Their size is a [...]

Can You Be an Entrepreneur Without Hosted Exchange?

I recently began work with a new client. An international reputation, proven track record in their industry, consistent branding from their website through to their email signatures; at first glance this seemed like any other firm making a name for itself and growing at a phenomenal rate. Yet this company was a little bit different. [...]