Build Your Own Cloud

I’ve been looking at architecture an awful lot recently. Studying buildings, building plans and the architectural history of our great nation’s capital, London. Once you get going it really is incredible how intricate and interlinked the built environment that we live in is.  And more to the point, how much we take for granted. It’s [...]

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Downsize to Upsize

A friend of mine recently changed his life. He decided he had had enough of living where he was living, doing what he was doing and being who he was being. And with one swift move, a nod and an interview, he was off towards the seaside. Leaving an old familiar town behind and heading [...]

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How to cure Nephophobia (fear of clouds)

In association with new online publication Cloud Magazine, MessageStream looks for a cure for Nephophobia (fear of clouds) in this persuasive view of cloud IT security… How to cure Nephophobia (fear of clouds) by Louis Nauges Is the Cloud secure? It is more secure than any traditional IT solution available today.  The Cloud is the [...]

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As Safe As Money in the Bank

What do you think of when someone says the word ‘security’?  Security guards, guard dogs, a padlock, a safety blanket? Security means different things to different people but at its heart it means protecting against danger, be that accidents, loss or even crime. It isn’t just a one-off thing, either. When we think of security [...]

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Can Regulation Ever Mean Less Control?

Most people assume that with increased regulation comes increased control and increased safeguards. Much of the time, that is indeed the case, but when it comes to the cloud it seems that regulations sometimes get in the way of people adopting and benefiting from the latest cloud technology. Back in December, BAE Systems appeared to [...]

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Jargon Aside, How Can Hosted Exchange Shape Your Business?

Have you ever sat in a presentation or read an article and realised you haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about? It’s nothing to feel guilty about. Often the jargon and terminology that’s used can sound impressive but in fact it doesn’t represent any great shift from the way you’re already working and how [...]

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Baby Steps to Working in the Cloud

When you work in business, it’s often against your nature to jump in with both feet. Cautious, measuring up the pros and cons. Yes, you go with your instincts but you want all the facts before you make a firm decision. It’s the same when we are embracing anything new or making a big decision, [...]

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The Cloud is Definitely Not a Passing Fad

Last week my blog focused on the adoption of cloud computing among mainstream hardware manufacturers. Many companies are looking to sell cloud companion services alongside their devices, bringing in vital extra revenue as profit margins fall. But what about businesses who need those services? Are they spending more as a result? Banks are reluctant to [...]

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