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IT teams in focus

Very soon, the IT Crowd is going to look out of date. The cult TV show that depicts Roy and Moss as the lynch pins of a hapless and insular IT team that rarely ventures from its basement bunker might still be hilarious to those who recognise it from their own work practices, but where [...]

Risk It For A Biscuit

While this may not sound like a massive risk to some, I’m thinking it may resonate with some of you out there in the blogosphere. Bear with me, but I have decided to paint one of my walls in my flat a different colour other than white. Yes, you heard it right, not white. I [...]

Introducing hard-fail SPF protection

As part of Giacom’s ongoing mission to further develop our messaging platform’s security and increase the performance of our spam filter we will shortly be introducing hard-fail SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection within our inbound filter layer at no additional cost.

Being a force for good

As a leveller, enabling even the smallest micro-business to punch above their weight, cloud computing has the capacity to be a real force for good in the world. So how can it be championed? The transformative capacity of cloud computing has, over the past two years, gradually become more apparent. From manufacturing to health, education [...]

The Importance of Being Boring

There are always certain things you can rely on. For example; the weather over a bank holiday will always be rubbish, watching The X Factor will just make you angry and more than anything else you’ll always come home from Ikea with trolley full of random items even if you never wanted to buy anything [...]

Creating the right cloud environment

How the cloud makes it difference, to both business and individuals, has been discussed at length. From storage to data it’s both cost-effective, and scalable offering a flexibility that makes it easier for small firms to operate and thrive. It makes buying, shopping, selling and working online far easier. and that’s inspiring. But what the [...]


January is an unforgiving month isn’t it? Not only do you feel fatter than you would like to be and somehow tired from literally doing nothing over the festive period, you’re still harbouring hangover like symptoms despite not having a drink since New Year’s Day… I, for one, could do with giving January a miss. [...]

The cloud delivers game-changers for online shops

In 2015 more consumers did their Christmas shopping than ever before. Experts forecast that shoppers broke the record, spending over £700m online on Christmas Day, with around £860m spent on Boxing Day, up a fifth on the previous year. On Black Friday, online sales passed the £1bn mark for the first time, and that’s just [...]


It’s the end of the year, a time for reflection and contemplation and in my case, also a time for desperate detox to get over the fun filled festive frivolities of the past week or so. Some may use this time to make a change for the better, a time to get fit, live better [...]

Cloud skills are increasingly important

What is the first thing you put on your CV? Word skills, sociability, professionalism? Would you ever put your experience and skills in using the cloud storage for prospective employers to see? You probably should. As business has shifted from legacy systems to cloud storage, the way IT is being handled in businesses is changing. [...]