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Service Subscriptions

Now I’m not one to gossip or let the proverbial cat out the bag, but apparently there’s a new service for rubbish boyfriends newly available on the internet, recently launched to help out with relationship woes. Said service has been imaginatively named “better boyfriend” and provides monthly subscribers (with a gift delivery to pass on [...]

All or nothing?

How do we define the success of the cloud? It’s the first question we should ask ourselves in any business; what does success look like? Only when we answer that question can we truly identify what our goals are, and thus unpick how we can achieve them. So there’s much consternation and concern when a [...]

The Thrifty Rule

I can’t deny it, I love a bargain, I love the buzz of finding something FAB-U-LOUS in a charity shop for cheap and you just can’t beat finding the perfect vintage piece for your house at a car boot sale for a fiver. It is in short, brilliant. And some of my friends might say [...]

All in it together

Weeks like this show you how technology has developed into an awesome tool to help us reach hands over continents and show concern, love, hope and solidarity. It’s become a depressingly familiar routine, when we see a brutal terrorist attack, there follows by a hashtag, expressions and grief and then, like #PorteOuverte in both Brussels and Paris, [...]

Look Forward

Sometimes you just have a bad week and this, dear readers, is one of those weeks. It has already got better so fear not, everything changes and everything will get better in time but I can’t help reflect on what caused these things to happen, what makes a week turn bad and why we all [...]

Not every department has to be on the same cloud

As the cloud evolves and adoption moves into adaptation, how is the use of cloud computing going to change in businesses? One of the biggest shifts could come from enabling businesses to trial a bespoke internal cloud strategy that changes from department to department. On demand IT is something that is fundamentally changing the way [...]

Right On Trend

I like to mix it up on the exciting side of life, I like to be at the cutting edge of the hottest trends and be up to date with the latest and greatest shifts in what the world has to offer. But hang on a minute don’t get carried away because when I talk [...]

The rise of the data engineer

The cloud generates a lot of data. That’s why being a data engineer is one of the hottest jobs you can have right now. Think of it this way. Behind those cloud computing apps that are increasingly part and parcel of every business, there are enormous data centres. Those data centres need to be as [...]

How can graduates build their cloud skills?

Is it getting any easier for graduates entering the jobs market? More graduates are in work that at the height of the economic downturn – 88% are working now compared with 86.4% in 2010 – with the average wage being around £26k.  It’s certainly better than it was. When companies struggled in the economic downturn [...]

Success Stories

The fickle world of celebrity and fame eh?  Can’t live without the daily celebrity gossip and intrigue but frankly sometimes could do without it too… Who could possibly live with that level of scrutiny in their ‘normal’ everyday lives? I certainly couldn’t, not least because sometimes I don’t even leave the house all day and [...]