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A Quick History of the Cloud…

If there is one industry that seems to enjoy jargon it is the IT industry. ASP and SaaS along with intergalactic computers, networks and plugins. It can make it difficult for you, as a customer, to understand what you’re signing up for and what you might need. One of the biggest hurdles between the industry [...]

Staying on Top of the Latest Technology with Hosted Exchange 2010

Technology moves fast. If you have a teenager at home, you’ll be acutely aware of how important it is for them to have the latest smartphone, laptop or mp3 player. In short: it’s extremely important. You only have to witness the hype around Apple keynote speeches to see just how many grown adults can’t wait [...]

Prices have dropped at Giacom ThinkCloud

Looking for a fully featured Hosted Exchange 2010 service? It costs a lot less than you’d think. In fact we operate a UK’s lowest like-for-like price promise on Hosted Exchange 2010. Our Hosted Exchange provision is a business grade service. It’s hosted in the cloud, but without compromising on features, reliability or price. MessageStream’s fees [...]

What’s different about the Cloud?

If you’ve worked with something like Citrix, you’ll be familiar with the idea of running software over a network. Cloud computing works a little differently. For one thing, cloud computing runs over the internet, unless it is running as a ‘private cloud’. A network running Citrix would usually be an intranet. Most people who have [...]