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The Cloud – Expand Your Creative Horizons

I went to a talk today by a fabricator. Not a term I had heard before, a fabricator is not a euphemism for a liar, as I had initially thought, but something rather wonderful and completely different altogether. A fabricator is someone who facilitates someone else’s ideas and turns them into a reality. This could [...]

Hosted Exchange and Media Coverage

At the beginning of this year, many non-techies wouldn’t have had a clue what cloud computing actually is. But times are changing. Thanks to new services such as Apple’s iCloud, the term ‘cloud’ is beginning to enter our everyday lingo. Cloud technology is becoming more a part of people’s home and work life: the very [...]

Read all About it: Hosted Exchange and the Media

  Amazon’s cloud services suffered a huge outage in May this year, prompting some businesses to re-evaluate the cloud as a viable alternative to in-house hardware solutions – particularly for vital services such as email. After all, said the bloggers – if Amazon had got it wrong, who’s to say that smaller providers can be [...]