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The Cloud is Definitely Not a Passing Fad

Last week my blog focused on the adoption of cloud computing among mainstream hardware manufacturers. Many companies are looking to sell cloud companion services alongside their devices, bringing in vital extra revenue as profit margins fall. But what about businesses who need those services? Are they spending more as a result? Banks are reluctant to [...]

How Mobile Web is Blurring the Lines of Technology

Identifying trends and how technology will change in a new year is as much a tradition as promising to lose a few pounds. But how’s this for a resolution? Why don’t you aim to make your business IT as streamlined as hopefully your silhouette will be by December? Over the past twelve months one trend [...]

How the Cloud Could Save Hardware Manufacturers in 2012

Considering the mountain of shiny new gadgets paraded at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the technology industry is booming. Well – in some ways, electronics manufacturers are doing reasonably well, but the gadgets aren’t entirely responsible for that. Manufacturers of televisions and computers are suffering in a [...]