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5 Cloud tricks to learn from Amazon

Amazon is a huge inspiration and trend leader in Cloud Computing. Having embraced the technology and an early adopter, the online retailer has run with it. This festive season they are expected to hire 70,000 seasonal workers to help fulfil orders. Not every SME can become an Amazon but the online giant can still teach [...]

The two skills you need in the Cloud

By now we already know the benefits of working in the Cloud; it’s flexible, scalable and empowers you to have technology within your budget. Whether you’re going from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or software as a service (SaaS), you know you can choose a set-up, applications and service that suits you and your business. [...]

A Two Year Gamble?

According to a recent report on The Guardian’s technology site, in two years, all businesses will be working in The Cloud. Whether your data and networks are on an in-house server or stored remotely today, it won’t be an issue in time to come. The Cloud will be the norm (if it isn’t already) and [...]

Cloud Email. Ten Things to Know.

You’re moving your email to the Cloud? These are the things you need to know. Email is probably the first piece of technology you associate with the Cloud. Think of Gmail, Hosted Exchange, Outlook; these are all cloud based systems we understand. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s quick and easy [...]

Take a Risk in the Cloud

The economies on the western world can have many of us looking up to the skies for a solution. The answer might lie in the Cloud. Triple dips, the rise in self-employment, loans for SMEs and pension schemes; the business news doesn’t have a great deal of pleasant reading for UK commerce right now. In fact it [...]

Small but Beautiful Formed – Why SMEs Prosper with Hosted Exchange

Small businesses represent a growth market in the UK business landscape. Almost a fifth of all firms in the country are SMEs. They work so well because they are built on drive, passion and determination. In a difficult financial climate a SME is streamlined and flexible enough to weather the storm. Their size is a [...]

Are You Worried About Going ‘Cloud Blind’?

2012 is going to be the year of the Cloud. The market is worth £660m for SMEs alone. More than two thirds of small businesses say they plan to move to Cloud services in the future. The opportunity and benefits are there, ready and ripe for the taking. More flexibility, the potential to save money [...]