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Outstanding customer service

At Giacom we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to all partners, regardless of their size or scope. Our recent 40-point customer survey scored us as either “Exceptional” or “Very Good” in 100% of questions asked, and our Trustpilot reviews rank us as one of the top rated UK companies for cloud computing.

5 stars TrustPilot
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But don't just take our word for it...


" Hosted Exchange has had a huge impact on our business "

With the Small Business Server end-of-life drawing closer we identified a gap in the market that we needed to fill fast! After speaking with the team at MessageStream and trying their cloud marketplace, we found their Hosted Exchange to be slickest, easiest and most cost effective solution around.

Now we have over a quarter of our whole client base using our Hosted Exchange service and the demand just keeps on growing.

Hosted Exchange has had a huge positive financial impact on our business and I would advise any IT support company to start reselling the service today.

Chris Potts, ITC Service Limited


" Halved our costs! "

We migrated from another hosted provider and as well as halving our costs, we are getting significantly better service and support.

The platform is also very well laid out and easy to use.

Gordon Sayers, SortMyPC


" Best switch I ever made "

We used to resell Hosted Exchange with a well known host but became more and more frustrated with the lack of support, complicated control panel, inflexible billing and to top it all the high cost!

We then discovered MessageStream - from the first conversation I was impressed and we soon signed up as a reseller.

The control panel is very simple to use and navigate, and has all the important functionality we need. Migrating clients over was simple and straight forward with only one minor little glitch which was soon resolved with the help of the support team.

Not only do our clients now have access to the latest Exchange software, they also enjoy greater storage space, and at a better price then before.

So if you are looking for hosting exchange partner - look no further!

Daniel Burford, Linten Technologies

linten tech

" First class service, first class support "

After giving them a go, the set-up was seamless, questions answered honestly and promptly and direct access to the support team to answer all those silly on-boarding questions.

Now nearly 3 years later, there is still no-one around who can match not only their pricing, but also service.

I've lost count of the number of other support companies I've recommended MessageStream to. The vast majority of those switching as well with them and their clients seeing huge improvements over their previous vendors.

In essence, if you provide any type of IT support services and don't have MessageStream in your arsenal, then you really are missing the boat.

Matthew Barton, Ostrich IT

ostrtich it

" If there's one product which has significantly made a difference to our business, this is it "

My company has been reselling with MessageStream for a number of years now and I have watched the company grow significantly during this time.

We started by reselling their Email Security to our clients which instantly resolved their SPAM issues with zero effort and best of all no missing messages. We then deployed Hosted Exchange to our clients last year as part of our managed services platform. If there has been one product which has significantly made a difference to our business this is it. Long gone are the days of earning small one-off fees for POP3 accounts and having all the hassle with spam, viruses and corrupt PST files.

We now earn a significant sustainable monthly income from a very well presented product which is increasing in numbers every month. The control panel for the product is simple but very functional unlike some of its larger competitors.

Best of all is the support - you can instantly speak to someone who knows the product inside out and who can help you resolve it there and then.

Scott Clark, Virtual Networking

virtual networking

" Excellent service with matching support "

Simple, affordable and solid service. But it's the support that takes the cake. Very efficient. Keep marching!

Salman Lone, TekOne

tek one

" I've been looking for this service for years "

I've been looking for this service for years, and now I've got it up and running (which was an absolute doddle) I am actively recommending it to my customers. This beats anything our local ISP can offer and at a fraction of their price too!

Fully recommended without hesitation or reservation of any kind.

Chris Riley, CompuTech Services Ltd