Meet the team

It's the people within our business that sets us apart

We’re successful because we take care of the individual and ensure we go further than any of our competitors. By adopting a people-first approach in everything we do, we stay focussed on our objective of providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Whether it's our technical support specialists, network engineers, technical sales advisors or software developers, the team within Giacom have the skills and expertise to provide our customers with the very best experience.

Kelly Stamp, Finance Assistant, Giacom

Management team


Graham Gilbert


Graham was the founder of ComputerLand which floated on the AIM list of The London Stock Exchange in 1997 and sold to Capita Group plc in 2008.

Entrepreneur, CEO and Chairman, Graham now provides invaluable experience to Giacom, and throughout the wider IT industry and Private Equity sector.


Nick Marshall

Founder and CEO

Nick founded Giacom in 1999 during the onset of the Internet revolution. He has successfully and rapidly grown the business into its unique position as the UK’s largest Cloud Marketplace.

Backed by Private Equity investment from Lloyds Development Capital (LDC), Nick’s ambition, focus and entrepreneurial drive allows Giacom to deliver continuous support for an evolving partner network and return on investment for its shareholders.


Mike Wardell

Managing Director

Mike joined Giacom from KCOM in 2016 and has more than 10 years of senior leadership experience in the IT and Telecoms sector. His dynamic approach means Giacom continues to exceed its targets.

Mike is a commercially driven professional whose experience and outlook provides constant insight and direction for the business.


Dave Manning

Operations Director

Dave joined Giacom in 2017 and leads the operations teams with a highly energetic and driven approach to successfully meet the demands of a cloud-first environment.

With more than 20 years of experience in strategic and operational management, Dave has strong commercial acumen and drives an exceptional customer experience at Giacom through his commitment and passion.


John Martin

Product & Services Director

John arrived at Giacom in 2013 and leads the product and services team with his guidance and support. His technical knowledge is fundamental at Giacom following his previous experience as a field engineer.

As an accredited member of the CIC, John has an innate ability to speak at the right technical level when dealing with businesses both integral and external to the IT sector.


Jonathan Connor

Marketing Director

Jonathan joined Giacom from Cisco in early 2017 and has more than 20 years’ marketing experience in leadership roles, working with both corporate and SME markets in the IT sector.

As a technically-minded and ambitious marketer, Jonathan’s experience and drive helps deliver continued growth through the partner network.


Richard Hirst

Head of Networks

Richard has been an integral part of the business since joining in 2000. With more than 25 years’ experience in the IT sector, he ensures the infrastructure is always in top working condition.

By overseeing continuous improvement of the services at Giacom, he successfully introduces new processes into a live and critical infrastructure while managing the networks team.


Ian Beckwith

Head of Products and Propositions

Ian has been a part of Giacom since 2006. With 25 years of experience in the travel industry, Ian was an IT Director for a local Hull company before leading the sales and marketing teams at Giacom.

His main focus is to drive, segment and align the business development process by managing vendor relationships following the introduction of new products.


Robert Dawson

Head of Compliance

Robert joined the team in 2012 and brings 37 years of experience in global organisations to Giacom, having previously managed at a senior level at logistics giant TNT Express.

His aptitude for making a positive difference and knowledge in auditing for compliance and process efficiency has been a vital source for the continued success of Giacom’s operational status.

Meet some of our people...

At Giacom we are proud to employ some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals around. We are all passionate about what we do, from networks, development, sales & marketing all the way through to our senior leadership team. Each and every one of us is responsible for our phenomenal and continued success.

" I think we have a great atmosphere here and I feel privileged to be part of it "

Linda Ribey

Finance & HR Manager


Linda has been part of the Giacom team since 2008 and in full time employment since she was 16 with a background in Finance, Admin and HR.

A day in the life

"I Head up the Finance Team and deal with all matters Financial, Health & Safety and Human Resources. As you can imagine, having responsibility for a number of different business areas means my day can be extremely varied. I also like being able to assist the MD with different projects and tasks as this often leads to new and varied duties.

As the business has developed and grown, so too has my role - and it is one I thoroughly enjoy. Working at Giacom has also allowed me many opportunities for personal development and to study for a number of new qualifications. For example, I have recently passed a Foundation Qualification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and have now progressed on to Level 5, in Human Resource Management, for a further year of studying."

What makes Giacom different?

" The team work – we all have a vital role to play but no one person can fully flourish without the others. I think we have a great atmosphere here and I feel privileged to be part of it. "

The best bit

" The constant evolvement of the business means my role grows and changes all the time. For me the variety of work is what makes my days fly by and keeps me coming back every day full of enthusiasm. "

" The best thing ... is being in direct contact with our ever increasing partner base "

Daniel Warelow

Senior Account Manager


Dan served for 10 years in the Royal Air Force Regiment before joining Giacom, including 8 operational tours across the Middle East within the roles of an Infantryman, Mortar man, Section Commander and Mortar Fire Controller. Whilst serving he also enjoyed the odd perk, such as Adventure training in the Caribbean, Jungle training in Belize and R + R in Mexico!

A day in the life

" I have quite a varied role in the company but my primary focus is Account Management. As an Account Manager I ensure I am always at hand to answer any account related queries and provide as much guidance as I can. I believe an important part of my role is to understand our platforms better than anyone else so that our partners can gain immediate access to the knowledge and resources they require which in turn frees them up to focus on what they do best.

I endeavour to proactively keep in touch with our partners on a regular basis to ensure they are kept up to date on the latest features and services that we offer which in turns keeps them one step ahead of the competition. "

What makes Giacom different?

" Giacom is different because of the way we have evolved, we have seen exponential growth in our partner base since I joined 5 years ago and in that time I feel that our exceptional standards of service nor the delivery has waned one bit and that is a credit to everyone that works here. "

The best bit

" The best thing about working for Giacom is being in direct contact with our ever increasing partner base whether that be at the latest road show exhibition or just over the phone, I enjoy being their ‘go to guy’ and find being able to assist and guide them on a daily basis to be very rewarding. "

" I’m really looking forward to the future and seeing what this company will accomplish "

Chris Ridall

Software Development Manager


First employed straight out of University after recommendation from his programming tutor, Chris began work developing desktop applications to show financial information about worldwide companies using a range of techniques including portfolios, news and charting for a subsidiary of the Financial Times. Moving on from this, as a Senior Software Developer, Chris also developed an in house suite of personal shares portfolio products for managing your shares portfolio, calculating Capital Gains tax, real-time share prices and even purchasing shares via an online platform. Chris joined Giacom as Software Development Manager and heads up our extensive development team.

What makes Giacom different?

" The Giacom team are very friendly bunch, they have also helped me adjust to the management role, it feels more of a family than work sometimes. I’m really looking forward to the future and seeing what this company will accomplish. "

The best bit

" I've been able to make some changes here that have proven valuable and it is incredibly rewarding seeing team members progress, using more modern techniques and also understanding why to use them. "

" If our partners aren’t happy then neither are we "

John Burton

Senior System Administrator


Before joining Giacom in 2013, John provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to a wide range of companies from SMBs to Blue Chip corporations for one of Yorkshire’s largest IT service providers.

A day in the life

" My day to day duties are to support our hosted packages across our multiple UK datacentres and make sure everything is in working order. This covers everything from the monitoring of the data centres, making sure we have the required backups for a disaster recovery scenario, general 3rd line support queries and project work to make sure we are at the front of these technologies.

Every day I look to find ways we can improve our service and offerings so we can provide the best Hosted platform we can! "

What makes Giacom different?

" Giacom is different as we make sure we put our partners first. If our partners aren’t happy then neither are we and we strive to make sure that every single one of them are satisfied with what we do. "

The best bit

" The best bit about working for Giacom is the fact that my co-workers are such fantastic people, we are much more than just colleagues. We’re more like a family. "