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Flexible cloud services

Microsoft Azure allows companies of any size access to integrated cloud services to help them build, deploy and manage business infrastructure. With MessageStream, IT professionals can protect their clients with backup and disaster recovery options, gain additional processing power to run complex software remotely, and avoid the costs of hardware with virtual machines from the Azure platform. It means your clients save time, reduce their costs and benefit from a secure platform by only paying for what they use in the cloud.

Reselling Azure through MessageStream means you benefit from:

  • Easy on, easy off service designed to fit around your clients’ needs
  • One monthly bill
  • Full visibility of Azure consumption rate
  • Automatic email alerts to protect your Azure budget
  • Increase or decrease your budget at any time with no risk of service suspension
  • Earn stronger margins on every organisation billed
5 stars TrustPilot
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Why Azure?

Become one of our Microsoft Azure resellers and deliver organic growth to your clients by helping them to form a successful, automated business. Seamlessly build upon their Office 365, Dynamics 365 and EM+S services by adding Azure to their cloud services portfolio. Choose from our most popular services or enquire with us today for additional Azure services.

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Virtual Machines
For flexible computing on demand

  • Create Windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes
  • Great for cost-effective development and testing
  • Run data-intensive workloads like SQL, Oracle and SAP
  • Speed up time to market with an open source platform

Scalable data protection

  • Protect on-premises data and workloads with securely encrypted data in transit and at rest in the cloud
  • Three copies of data stored in three different locations
  • Long-term data retention with fast and reliable backup
  • Integrates with Windows Server and System Center

Disaster Recovery
Easy, automated protection

  • Safeguard data without a second physical location
  • Protect hosted or on-premises workloads within a hybrid cloud environment
  • Create disaster recovery plans in the Azure portal
  • Quickly recover data and infrastructure from an automated solution

Identity and Access Management
Comprehensive identity management

  • Multi-factor authentication to on-premises and cloud applications
  • Real-time security monitoring, alerts and machine learning-based reports
  • Reduce IT costs and simplify management
  • Your clients benefit from a secure, simple sign on
5 stars Client testimonials
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  • N Bell

    “ Best Hosted Exchange... ”

    We got a direct mail shot from MessageStream. When I compared their offer with our exisiting supplier I couldn't believe it. We have now transferred all our hosted services to them...

    Nick Bell - Net.Result

  • D Burford

    “ Best switch I ever made ”

    Not only do our clients now have access to the latest Exchange software, they also enjoy greater storage space, and at a better price then before.

    Daniel Burford - Linten Technologies

  • G Sayers

    “ Halved our costs ”

    We migrated from another hosted provider and as well as halving our costs, we are getting significantly better service and support.

    Gordon Sayers - SortMyPC


Frequently Asked Questions

acronis logo How many Azure services can I procure through MessageStream?

You can provision all Azure services via the Azure Resource Manager (ARM). While our most popular services to provision are VMs, Backup and Disaster Recover and Identity and Access Management, we offer the full range to our partners.

acronis logo How long does it take to get set up?

Azure services can be provisioned in minutes for your clients. Between virtual machines and servers to backup and disaster recovery options, each service can be selected for the client in your cloud platform.

acronis logo How will I be billed?

All partners with MessageStream are billed at the end of the month in one bill. For Azure, you’ll be able to view each organisation’s monthly spend in your bill, as well as the total spend across all organisations.

acronis logo Can I add a monthly budget?

You can set your own budget for the month, which can be adjusted at any time in the cloud platform to suit your clients’ needs.

acronis logo Can I track my monthly Azure spend?

You can track your monthly spend across all organisations by logging in to your cloud platform. Each organisation added will be listed separately and you’ll have full visibility of their daily usage spend, should you opt in to receive email alerts.

acronis logo How will I know when my budget is near its limit?

MessageStream sends you automatic email alerts to let you know when your budget is near its limit, protecting you from potential overspend.

acronis logo If I exceed my budget, what happens?

Azure is billed 48 hours in arrears, which means exceeding your budget is a likely scenario. With MessageStream, there’s no risk of your services being suspended, meaning your clients can continue using the Azure platform regardless of any overspend. We recommend adjusting your budget to allow for the Azure billing.


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Why join MessageStream?

Developed by Giacom, MessageStream is a partner-focused Cloud Marketplace channel, exclusive to IT resellers. With UK technical support, our range of services are highly flexible to provide you with consistent revenue when reselling to your clients.

  • No set targets - MessageStream will never ask you to commit to pre-set sales targets.
  • Increase business growth - Generate consistent revenue that you can rely on, giving you more freedom to pursue bigger projects.
  • Easy access to our Cloud Marketplace - We can have you set up within an hour on our easy-to-use portal.

To find out more about the services you can offer your clients, call us on 0333 332 0888 or click here to send us a message.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to all of our MessageStream partners, regardless of their size or scope. We regularly achieve 5 star TrustPilot reviews and are ranked amongst the top UK companies for cloud computing.

5 stars Client testimonials
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  • C Potts

    " huge impact on our business. "

    Hosted Exchange has had a huge positive financial impact on our business and I would advise any IT support company to start reselling the service today...

    Chris Potts - ITC Service Limited

  • S Lone

    " Excellent service with matching support "

    Simple, affordable and solid service. But it's the support that takes the cake. Very efficient. Keep marching!

    Salman Lone - TekOne

  • M Barton

    " First class service, first class support "

    Can't fault these guys, everything about their service is spot on and gives me great confidence in reselling a product to my clients that just works!

    Matthew Barton - Ostrich IT