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Making it easier for your clients to work together

Total file and collaboration service

With Hosted SharePoint your clients can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online utilising the latest cloud technology.

Your clients can also use SharePoint as a corporate intranet, so company policies, guides and day-to-day tasks are kept up-to-date. SharePoint is accessible through any web browser, whether it is on a mobile or desktop.

5 stars TrustPilot
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Why SharePoint?

Hosted SharePoint makes it easier for people in business to work together. They can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online utilising cloud technology, making Hosted SharePoint an essential platform in today's smart business.



Access documents from anywhere

Not only can your clients access their company-wide or personal documents from the desktop, because they're cloud-based, files are securely stored and available from any browser and most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android.


Centralise storage of your clients' documents

Instead of your client having documents distributed throughout their business, use Hosted SharePoint to centralise document storage. This allows your clients to bring order to the active documents in their business using Hosted SharePoint.


Help your clients work more efficiently

Hosted SharePoint allows teams within your client's workplace to collaborate on the same document, sharing information and intelligently tracking changes made. SharePoint can roll-up updates into a single document without the worry of overwriting data.


Controlled access to documents

Hosted SharePoint helps your clients manage their document permissions by allowing site-wide or individual file control over who sees what and what is available to download. Using SharePoint, you can effectively and cleverly manage the workflow in your client's business.
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5 stars Client testimonials
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  • N Bell

    “ Best Hosted Exchange... ”

    We got a direct mail shot from MessageStream. When I compared their offer with our exisiting supplier I couldn't believe it. We have now transferred all our hosted services to them...

    Nick Bell - Net.Result

  • D Burford

    “ Best switch I ever made ”

    Not only do our clients now have access to the latest Exchange software, they also enjoy greater storage space, and at a better price then before.

    Daniel Burford - Linten Technologies

  • G Sayers

    “ Halved our costs ”

    We migrated from another hosted provider and as well as halving our costs, we are getting significantly better service and support.

    Gordon Sayers - SortMyPC


Hosted SharePoint features

Below you can see the features that make SharePoint one of the top rated file sharing and collaboration systems for businesses.

  sharepoint SharePoint 2010

500MB SharePoint storage per user

Optional 5GB site-wide storage upgrades

Based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Foundation

Integrates with Outlook

Unlimited sub-sites

Personal site for each user

SSL encryption

Access from any PC via a browser

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Designer software

Mobile access to Hosted Sharepoint

iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry app availability

Full-text indexing

Web Parts

Document Workspace sites

Document collaboration

Version history and management

Check-in and check-out files

Sharepoint templates

Exceptional Support™ - email, online or telephone

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly payment plan for resellers

No long-term contracts

Lowest UK reseller prices


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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to all of our MessageStream partners, regardless of their size or scope. We regularly achieve 5 star TrustPilot reviews and are ranked amongst the top UK companies for cloud computing.

5 stars Client testimonials
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  • C Potts

    " huge impact on our business. "

    Hosted Exchange has had a huge positive financial impact on our business and I would advise any IT support company to start reselling the service today...

    Chris Potts - ITC Service Limited

  • S Lone

    " Excellent service with matching support "

    Simple, affordable and solid service. But it's the support that takes the cake. Very efficient. Keep marching!

    Salman Lone - TekOne

  • M Barton

    " First class service, first class support "

    Can't fault these guys, everything about their service is spot on and gives me great confidence in reselling a product to my clients that just works!

    Matthew Barton - Ostrich IT