More customers, more seats, bigger cashback sum

All MessageStream partners now have the chance to earn cashback on every eligible Office 365, Dynamics 365, EMS and Azure licence they add within the Cloud Marketplace. Until June 30th, you can earn up to a maximum of $50,000 cashback across all four services, with a maximum allowance of $25,000 per service.

Eligibility and cashback:

  • Add licenses anytime between February 1st and June 30th 2017
  • Add 3 net new customers per service (O365, D365 and EMS)
  • Add a minimum of 5 seats per customer in each service
  • Earn cashback on every net new customer and seat added after qualifying
  • Earn up to $73 for each qualifying seat in Office 365
  • Earn up to $75 for each qualifying seat in Dynamics 365
  • Earn up to $35 for each qualifying seat in EMS

All eligible SKUs for Office 365 are listed in the table, for Dynamics 365 and EMS eligible SKUs contact our sales team on 0333 332 0888.

Please note, the figures shown in the table are calculated at a rate of 1.24 USD to every GBP and are a guide only. Actual amounts paid are based on US-UK exchange rates at that time.

For Azure...


Partners must add 3 net new customers billed for a minimum of $200 to qualify for the incentive. Thereafter, partners can claim 20% of all billed revenue from each net new customer added.

Put simply, you’ll earn more cashback when you add more customers and seats.

Already a MessageStream partner?

The next part is simple. Just get your MPN ID ready and sign up at the Microsoft Portal page to register for the incentive.

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1. Offer is available to all Microsoft resellers who transact via CSP directly. Open and Advisor transactions are not eligible. Purchases must be made through CSP only.

2. Partner must be registered for the offer via the Microsoft Program Portal by June 1st.

3. Partner must be a registered Microsoft Partner and have an MPN ID to be eligible. MPN ID must be the same used for all CSP transactions.

4. Promotional period runs between February 1st – June 30th.

5. The partner must exceed 3 net new CSP Tenant adds to qualify.

6. Tenant must purchase a Minimum of 5 Seats of eligible SKUs per service (O365, D365, EMS); or minimum $200 Azure billed revenue per Tenant to qualify.

7. The minimum partner rebate payout is $500, while the maximum per service is $25,000. Maximum earning across all four services is capped at $50,000.

8. All seats must be active and paid at time of incentive calculation by Microsoft in September 2017. Payment will be made in late September / October 2017 pending validation of information.

9. Partners will earn a fixed ($) amount per seat depending upon the SKU sold. For Azure, partners earn 20% of revenue billed for all net new Azure Tenants, provided the 3 net new Tenant add requirement is met.

10. CSP Power Up is a limited, one-time promotion for the offer period only. Failure to register by June 1st will disqualify you from the offer.

11. Full terms and conditions are available via the campaign registration portal.